Big Questions Live: How to lead your organisation through change, uncertainty and crises

Big Questions Live: How to lead your organisation through change, uncertainty and crises

This is a hybrid, interactive event where procurement leaders share solutions to supply chain disruptions and look at how innovation and transformation can drive teams forward – join us for real-time advice and valuable insights

Global supply chains have been hit by a barrage of disruptions in recent times, which has led to senior executives looking to their senior procurement and supply chain professionals to help steer businesses towards a more stable and resilient future. Brexit, Covid-19, climate change and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to a myriad of interconnected challenges, including labour shortages, a scarcity of materials, backlogs at ports and energy price hikes – to name but a few.

From chicken to computer chips, very few industries have been unaffected – and who would have thought tech giant Apple would be stopped in their tracks by unstable supplies? 

But some disruptions can also present opportunities for procurement teams, though this hinges upon strong leadership and vision to help drive that creativity and innovation in changing the ways we work. 

In this live and interactive panel discussion, we ask experts how procurement leaders can prepare for the unexpected, explore new markets and build sustainable, resilient supply chains that can respond to unexpected challenges in the future.

Join us virtually and be part of an important dialogue – and ask your own question to our expert panel. 

We explore:

  1. As the situation in Russian and the Ukraine worsens it has the potential to create a devastating disruption to supply chains across industries, from energy to agriculture, high tech, aviation and automobiles. Could you outline some of the main supply chain impacts and offer some possible solutions?
  2. Where are the positives for procurement in terms of: Brexit, climate change and Covid-19?
  3. How have these risks led to change so you’re more prepared for the next big supply shock? 
  4. We’ve also faced widespread shortages in labour and skills. Is this era of The Great Resignation a chance to rethink procurement teams, office working, and the talent pool?  
  5. Are there opportunities for modernising operations and digitalising supply chain management which could help strengthen procurement security?
  6. Can procurement leaders use their enhanced voice and reputation to deliver major initiatives, such as ambitious climate goals or cybersecurity?
  7. What can leaders do to meet their targets while preventing mass burnout of their teams?
  8. Which industries are most vulnerable to supply chain problems, and what can companies do to anticipate and mitigate these risks
  9. How can we balance the need for a supply network for security with sustainability and low-carbon goals?

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