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21 May

Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2024: accelerating towards value creation

In the realm of sustainable procurement, there has been a transformative shift. It is no longer seen as a peripheral activity but as a central strategy integral to operational excellence and competitive advantage. This white paper from EcoVadis reveals the latest numbers behind the drive for sustainability.

26 March

Beyond the basics: mastering the art of supply chain resilience

In the unpredictable world of global trade, risk management remains a cornerstone of a robust business strategy.

18 March

TWS Managing Partner on how game theory is revolutionising procurement

We sat down with Dr Sebastian Moritz, an award-winning expert in game theory, to discuss how it is best applied to the procurement and supply chain industry.

5 March

Best practices for navigating evolving risks in global supply chains

In an increasingly interconnected world, where commerce knows no borders and supply chains span continents, the business landscape can be full of opportunity, but also fraught with risk.

9 January

Game Theory: A promising resource to improve supply chain resilience

In this sixth annual survey produced in partnership with TWS, the awareness, understanding, and application of game theory within procurement is fully explored.

5 December

Internal carbon pricing and its benefits

In this whitepaper produced by TWS in partnership with CIPS Download, a fundamental economic tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is explored.