Best practices and economic impacts: Evolving supplier management and digitalising the work

Best practices and economic impacts: Evolving supplier management and digitalising the work

Join this webinar, with Alisa Bornstein and Jesse Lee, to discover why and how procurement teams are improving efficiencies by composing digital work to drive the CPO agenda and compliance policy and to respond to real-world events

How does your company go from “green-field” to good and great – and stay there? One way is through the strategic use of best practices powered by the latest technology. Organisations that rethink and optimise the way they manage their procurement, vendors and supply chains have a significant opportunity to improve their bottom line. 

Enter Composability, specific to the supply chain management challenge. Composing a procurement and risk policy, as well as automation in response to real-world events, sits at the intersection of procurement, risk management and business operations. It is the next step for skilled teams that monitor and assess risk associated with vendors, focussing on: knowing their suppliers, optimising the relationships to extract value; overseeing contractual execution; reducing risk and protecting corporate assets; while assuring compliance with internal or external regulations.

In this webinar, produced in partnership with Brooklyn, Alisa Bornstein, CPO Visa Europe, will discuss her past and current experiences in evolving supplier management discipline, bringing in strong governance with automated and auditable digital capabilities that drive economic impact and strategic alignment with procurement’s business stakeholders.

Join this webinar to learn about: 

·       Why supplier management is so important

·       The simple and intuitive supplier management ops lifecycle

·       The cutting edge of digital capability for configurability, automation, reporting, and auditability for your suppliers managed at any tier – including those in the supplier tail with whom you rarely, if ever, engage directly  

·       The economic impact that is possible, in the short- and mid-term, using composable workflow and rulesets for automating work across your supply chain

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