Best practices for navigating evolving risks in global supply chains

5 March

Best practices for navigating evolving risks in global supply chains

In an increasingly interconnected world, where commerce knows no borders and supply chains span continents, the business landscape can be full of opportunity, but also fraught with risk.  

Delve into the complexities of modern supply chains where technological advancements and globalisation have intertwined businesses across continents, making them more efficient yet vulnerable to global disruptions. Discover how the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified the need for resilience and sustainability, and how investments in AI, analytics, and automation are shaping the future of supply chain management. Learn about the drive towards net zero emissions and the challenges of raw material competition, with its environmental, and social implications. Explore the impact of geopolitical tensions and the criticality of ethical business practices in a landscape marked by increasing regulatory demands.  

Through a comprehensive analysis, we provide actionable insights for businesses to enhance resilience, ensure compliance, and embrace ethical practices in an interconnected world. 

About Achilles:

Achilles is the global supply chain risk management expert.

We work with market-leading financial, industrial, commercial, and governmental organisations requiring the serious, detailed analysis and expert insight necessary to deliver exceptional levels of environmental, social and governance reporting confidence.

For more than 30 years, Achilles has protected organisations’ business interests and reputations by providing unrivalled levels of supply chain transparency, carbon reduction and management. Operating from 17 locations worldwide, Achilles is at the forefront of the battle against climate change, a champion for social justice and human rights, and an expert in health, safety, and risk management.