Future-proof your supply chain: strategies to de-risk and optimise sustainability

In this live webinar you'll learn the critical areas that resilient and proactive procurement leaders will be focussing on in 2023

What will you remember from 2022? Rising costs, scarcity of supply, logistics disruptions, and mounting sustainability pressures will no doubt spring to your mind.

The question is: how can procurement and supply chain leaders better support the business by protecting against rising prices, streamlining processes, and gaining more visibility into supply chain and compliance risks?

Join our live webinar as we explore the critical areas for success for 2023.  Learn what resilient leaders are doing now to eliminate blind spots, drive greater sustainability and ultimately, stay ahead of their competition.

Your key takeaways from the webinar will include:

  • How people, processes and technology need to be aligned
  • How agility is crucial
  • How to optimise ESG
  • How resilient and proactive companies are one step ahead
  • How to free up money for investment

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