How procurement and finance can join forces and achieve common goals

In this live discussion we look at the relationship between the procurement and finance teams and talk about the business benefits of strategic collaboration

The relationship between procurement and finance teams is often operational, frequently bland, and occasionally antagonistic. That’s not helping anyone. When you look at a business holistically, both parties need to work in harmony to reduce significant value leakage.

The finance department doesn’t just process payments, it underpins efficiencies and should be a foundation stone of procurement. But to achieve that, the right culture, tools and mindset need to be in place, as well as a shared understanding of each others’ pressures, pain points and incentives.

That’s why Supply Management Insider, in collaboration with Medius, has brought together a panel of procurement and finance experts to discuss this relationship and give all of us insight on how to improve. Join this live webinar and hear about:

  • what are the push backs between finance and procurement?
  • how can we change mindsets and work towards common goals?
  • what tools are going to help?

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