How to mitigate risks in your Statement of Work spend

How to mitigate risks in your Statement of Work spend

An improved SOW culture can have a profound positive impact on the operational efficiency and cost control of an organisation. In this live session, in partnership with Comensura, we'll be looking at the most common SOW risks and ways to mitigate them.

Most organisations follow strict processes for on- and off-boarding employees (whether contingent or permanent), running comprehensive background checks and taking care to avoid misclassification. But when it comes to engaging their Statement of Work (SOW) services providers, few firms have the same checks and balances in place.

When SOW engagements are managed without centralisation, visibility and control, all kinds of risks are introduced – from unsatisfactory terms and increased misclassification, to unsafe systems access and spiralling costs. With SOW use on the rise post-pandemic, now is the time for procurement teams to finally bring rigour and compliance to their SOW spend.

Join this webinar, produced in partnership with Comensura, to learn how to mitigate common SOW risks and achieve full compliance for your organisation.

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  • Why mitigating the risks around SOW services procurement must begin with HR and procurement aligning around controls, policies and, crucially, ownership

  • How a combination of vendor management technology and specialist external knowledge can drastically transform your SOW services procurement risk mitigation, cost control and quality improvements

  • The positive impact of an improved SOW culture on operational efficiency, cost control, purchasing decision-making and more... 

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