Navigating economic shifts

New rebate strategies for procurement

While the global economic landscape remains volatile, unlocking value from suppliers and building in flexibility to contracts are top of mind for organisations. Prices for goods, commodities and services are regularly shifting, creating new complexities for procurement and supply professionals. 

With such uncertainty, how does procurement think about their rebate strategy with suppliers?

Join this CIPS Download webinar to discover how rebate and incentive strategies in procurement are changing to address global economic headwinds. Hear how you can negotiate with suppliers to ensure success from both sides of the trading relationship. 

Enable’s Mark Gilham and Halfords’ Richard Bunce will be on hand to share their expertise, where they’ll explain the direct impact global pricing changes can have on your rebate strategies and how you can address these challenges head on. 

On the agenda:

  • How a shifting economic landscape can impact your rebate strategy
  • Explore how software tools can track the impact of price changes on rebate agreements in real-time to support you in supplier negotiations
  • Discover new rebate strategies and the benefits of forecasting to build-in flexibility into contracts from the start
  • How to maintain positive supplier relationships while addressing economic uncertainty

 Join this webinar to learn how to effectively plan and manage your rebate strategy.

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