Preparing for compliance with the new ESG regulations

Preparing for compliance with the new ESG regulations

As many organisations are now expected to reach new ESG standards, the pressure to ensure compliance is increasing. In this live panel discussion we'll be discussing what you can do now to be prepared.

Driven by climate change, public perception and varying labour conditions, there is growing momentum for governments worldwide to raise the bar for sustainable and ethical practices in the global economy. 

New regulations, such as the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), are increasing responsibilities for organisations to reach certain environmental and human rights standards. And as businesses put plans in place to ensure they are compliant with these new rules the need for greater visibility across their entire supply chains will increase significantly. 

So, join this webinar, produced in partnership with Coupa, as subject matter experts discuss the impacts of LkSG and other upcoming ESG regulations, as well as offering tips and guidance on how best to ensure you’re prepared.  

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