How to demonstrate procurement’s value in building sustainable supply chains

How to demonstrate procurement’s value in building sustainable supply chains

This webinar discusses how to balance what’s good for the planet with what’s good for the business. Produced in partnership with GEP, it explores how to demonstrate procurement’s value in building sustainable supply chains.

Procurement has a massive influence on third party spend. Yet, our value is often overlooked and under-communicated. Cross-functional collaboration is limited, and procurement’s responsibilities are siloed from the rest of the organisation. Breaking down these barriers has never been more critical. For the prosperity of our businesses and the health of our planet, Procurement needs to be heard. 

In today’s economy, consumers and investors are using their buying power to demand sustainable change from corporations. As businesses react to this transformative shift, they often under utilise their supply chain and procurement teams.

By leveraging immense buying power and transforming perceptions of cost, procurement and supply chain teams can catalyse sustainable change across the entire supply base. In this webinar, GEP’s sustainability experts will discuss how businesses can leverage supply chain and procurement to maximise their triple bottom line and how you, as procurement professionals, can engage better to realise that leverage.

On the agenda:

  • How to develop the perception of supply chain and procurement as vehicles for sustainable change
  • How to leverage technology to engage and reach sustainability goals
  • The benefits of a more collaboratively sustainable organisation and ways to get there
  • How to assess and measure sustainability performance collaboratively with your colleagues

Following the panel discussion, audience members will be able to take part in the dialogue in a live Q&A session. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your supply chains more sustainable.

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