Procurement with purpose: driving social change through supply chains

Insight from award-winning procurement leaders on looking beyond cost and driving positive value in your supply chain.

Procurement and supply chain professionals are expected to deliver more than just bottom line savings. As organisations set themselves ambitious ESG targets, procurement’s impact on wider society is becoming increasingly important. 

The supply chain are fundamental cogs in this process, and procurement hold the keys to unlocking success in driving positive change throughout wider society. Across the private and public sector, procurement and supply chain professionals have the influence to ensure that what they buy has a positive impact on planet and people. 

But what does excellence in delivering social value look like? How can procurement and supply chain professionals convince their organisations to look beyond cost and ensure social value is embedded early in tenders? 

Find out in this CIPS Excellence webinar, as we hear from two organisations leading the charge. Gemma Lindley from CBRE will lift the lid on the company’s CIPS Excellence award-winning Supplier Diversity Programme, providing insight into how it has further enhanced client and supplier relationships. 

Joining us from Dubai, Evercare Group’s Natasha Schulz will explain how the company, which delivers healthcare to emerging markets across Africa and South Asia, has embedded social value standards into its procurement processes, as well as supporting SMEs in the regions. 

Finally, Andy Daly of Social Enterprise UK will provide an overview of how to engage with social enterprises and the benefits you can reap as a result. 

What will you takeaway from the webinar? 

  • Understand procurement’s role in driving social value and creating a positive impact on society 
  • Learn how to embed social value principles into your standards and governance
  • Uncover the benefits of a socially conscious procurement strategy to your organisation, your suppliers, and the wider supply chain
  • Find out how to engage with social enterprises and develop support mechanisms to enable accessibility for SMEs

Join this webinar to learn how to embed social value into your processes, standards and culture.

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