Putting contractor and supplier compliance first: a strategic approach to supply chain management

Suppliers and contractors play a crucial role in forming the foundation of your supply chain. They are essential partners in bolstering your business's agility and resilience. And as a socially responsible company, it’s essential that you support your communities by providing work opportunities to local businesses.

Yet, striking the right balance can be challenging. You need to source credible, compliant and trustworthy partners to ensure a robust supply chain. Once onboarded, building and maintaining collaborative relationships becomes essential to support mutual growth and sustainability.

This Supply Management Insider webinar, produced in partnership with Alcumus, presents an expert panel discussion on how to create an environment that goes beyond mere compliance and empowers your supply chain to adopt best practices effectively. By embracing such an environment, you can forge valuable and secure partnerships, minimise risks and achieve operational efficiencies.

Join the webinar to gain actionable insights from our expert panel, including:

- Effective communication: Learn how to adopt more efficient ways of communicating with your supply chain.

- Safety and ethics: Show your contractors and suppliers that you are genuinely committed to safety, ethics and other compliance topics. 

- Streamlined compliance: Discover how to embed a streamlined and common standard of compliance across your entire supply chain, simplifying processes and ensuring consistency.

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