Risk management in procurement: strategies for building resilient supply chain networks

What do you really know about your suppliers? Are you confident they’re adhering to ethical and sustainable practices? Do they comply with the latest health and safety regulations?  

The scrutiny and expectations from governments, investors, clients, consumers and employees are increasingly mounting for organisations. The spotlight is intense, and the consequences of a supplier breach are unforgiving and damaging. Senior procurement and supply chain professionals must address these challenges head-on. 

Join our expert panel discussion as we delve into essential strategies for ensuring supplier compliance and ethical practices. Speakers will explore the crucial importance of capturing and baselining key health & safety and ESG data to provide actionable insights for senior professionals seeking to safeguard their supply chains. 

Key takeaways from the webinar will include: 

  • Identifying key compliance data: Are you verifying your suppliers in risk areas such as up to date insurances, carbon reporting, modern slavery and cyber security? 
  • The power of visibility and supplier management: Discover why comprehensive visibility into supplier compliance is essential and how to effectively capture, record, and store compliance data. 
  • How to develop actionable improvement plans: Explore how to utilise baseline compliance data to initiate targeted improvement programmes and enhance the resiliency of your supply chain. 

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At Alcumus SafeContractor, we’ve been at the forefront of empowering safe and compliant work environments for over 20 years. Through our expert technical team and technology, we’ve streamlined how 50,000 organisations globally adhere to regulatory compliance. We help organisations create safer working environments, procure new contractors & suppliers and map risks across their entire supply chain. As one of the founding members of the SSIP forum and one of the largest UKAS accredited SSIP members, we are committed to promoting best practices in health and safety,  sustainability and ethical behaviour. Our goal is to help organisations protect their people, their operations, and the planet.