The four phases of the Covid crisis: supply chain sustainability and resilience

The four phases of the Covid crisis: supply chain sustainability and resilience

Join this webinar, hosted in partnership with EcoVadis, as we discuss how sustainability builds resilience during crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, it is not only pushing the limits of resilience of many supply chains, and it is also a stress-test of the quality of suppliers’ underlying management systems for related sustainability issues. 

That the Coronavirus crisis has struck in the middle of a stakeholder-capitalism movement where companies were making commitments to serve a social purpose, is a cold irony.

It’s tempting to think such commitments have been put on hold, but a look at the four steps of crisis evolution reveals the vital link and importance of robust sustainable procurement to build resilience and protect long-term value within a supply base.

In this webinar, in partnership with sustainability ratings leaders EcoVadis, we walk through the four steps of a crisis and establish how sustainability builds resilience. We see how to…

  • Identify risks exposed during the Reaction phase of the crisis
  • Manage risks in your supply chain during the Resilience phase
  • Discuss supplier selection criteria for Rebuilding stronger as the crisis passes
  • Explore a New Normal of performance and preparedness for future crises

Featuring Supply Management editor Ceri Jones as moderator alongside expertise from EcoVadis, consultants and practitioners.

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