The future of supply chains – a 2024 outlook

The next 12 months will continue to present supply chain challenges for businesses. Slow economic growth, a shortage of talent, and a growing burden of legislation are some of the problems procurement professionals will be up against in 2024.

But challenges bring opportunities, too. If you’re ready to embrace change, you can find benefits – from business growth to operational improvements.
In this webinar, industry experts will share perspectives on the supply chain outlook for 2024 and explore strategies for managing a fast-changing environment.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:
The anticipated trends and challenges: what are the external factors set to impact supply chain management over the next 12 months?

Reconfiguring the supply chain: why a strategic overhaul may be essential for resilience in wake of recent environmental disruptions.
Showcasing your sustainability goals and credentials: how can you demonstrate your commitment?

How digitalisation can provide “control tower visibility” over the entire supply chain: the power of a digital platform to baseline supply chain data and achieve full transparency.

Join this insightful webinar to stay ahead of the curve and build a resilient supply chain for the future.

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