How to build a resilient supply chain in uncertain times

How to build a resilient supply chain in uncertain times

Join this webinar, hosted in partnership with Coupa, as we explore how strategic sourcing can help build a resilient supply chain. 

Before the current Covid-19 crisis, sourcing was all about pricing and savings. But when supply chains are in jeopardy, the priority is to keep company operations online by making sure those supply chains keep flowing.

A recent Covid-19 report from Rapid Ratings highlighted that companies in China, Korea and Italy make up 12% of a typical global company’s tier-one supply base. Even before the virus took hold in the rest of Western Europe, this is significant exposure.  

In times of crisis, procurement becomes finance’s eyes and ears, offering visibility and control on spend, insight into supplier risk as well as helping make the decisions that will stand up during a recovery.

In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with leading business spend management company Coupa, we explore how strategic sourcing builds resilience through…

  • Moving from a 'just-in time' to ‘just in case' supply chain
  • Quickly sourcing new suppliers in new categories with confidence
  • Making decisions with complex restrictions at speed
  • Working with suppliers at scale

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