Whatever happened to digital procurement transformation? - Part 2

Whatever happened to digital procurement transformation? - Part 2

For the second part of the Digital Procurement transformation series, we look at the current state of procurement investment, and discuss the trends and challenges caused by the global pandemic and economic crisis. In partnership with GEP, we share what you need to consider in order to build resilience into your operation for the years to come.

The events of 2020 have led to many procurement teams refocussing their attention on hard savings, cost control, and visibility in the supply chain. Impacts have been felt across organisations and companies have had to look hard at capital and strategic programs. What then for digital transformation projects? Are these to be shelved, cancelled or downscaled?

In the conclusion of the two-part series, hosted in partnership with GEP, we examine the following: 

  • where digital procurement transformation projects may have gone wrong in the past 
  • discuss why that makes for vulnerability in the current situation.  
  • some lessons from best-in-class organisations to see how companies can accelerate results without losing the value of investments made to date.

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