Expert Reports

The next frontier of sustainable procurement

This CIPS Download whitepaper, produced in partnership with EcoVadis, examines what progress mid-sized firms have made in the pursuit of sustainable procurement, the benefits and challenges, and how larger businesses can - and should - support them to make further advances for mutual benefit

How much value is hidden in your contracts?

Due to various challenges, organisations are unlikely to be achieving maximum value from their contractual relationships. Read this CIPS Download report, produced in partnership with PRGX, to understand more about the benefits of Commercial Compliance Audits

How ESG data can help you build a better supplier network

Read this CIPS Download whitepaper, produced in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, as we explore how monitoring the ESG data of suppliers can enable businesses to make better decisions, increase visibility into its supply chain, improve management decision capabilities and build resilience

A fresh approach to IT procurement’s role in delivering innovation

Increasingly, procurement is expected to play its part in delivering the innovation that will be required to develop new offerings in our post-COVID recovery. Read this CIPS Download paper, produced in partnership with Rimini Street, to learn how by using third-party IT support services you can free up the finance to pay for it.