Expert Reports

Talent Acquisition 360

Cielo’s global Talent Acquisition 360 report explores the differing views the C-Suite, HR, the business and procurement have on talent priorities, effectiveness, technology, and measures of success. Aligning these stakeholders is critical to the success of your talent strategy for 2019 and beyond.

Unsteady Ground: Health and safety risk in the supply chain

Over the past 18 months the UK’s health and safety landscape has experienced seismic changes as fines established by the Health and Safety Executive, and imposed by the courts, have dramatically increased following the introduction of new sentencing guidelines.

Read this report, written in partnership with Alcumus, to discover how these risks relate to the supply chain.

How sustainable is your fleet?

Taxes and legislation relating to diesel vehicles are changing - what sort of impact will Clean Air Zones have on your fleet?

CIPS Download, in partnership with ALD Automotive, have written this report to help you navigate the new legislation. 

How compliant is your supply chain?

Download this report, written partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, to learn about reputations and regulations, human rights, management and mitigation of risk and the seven steps to compliance.

Sourcing: the DOs and DON'Ts of digitalisation

Digitalisation is currently a hot topic within procurement. This article will drill down to explore digitalisation within the sourcing arena specifically, the expected benefits and the DOs and the DON’Ts when embarking upon the digitalization journey 

Digitising Procurement

In the future, procurement – the digital revolution, Procurement 2.0, call it what you will – will run on wholly digital platforms overseen by a small, lean and intelligent team of supply management professionals.

What workers want

The Hays UK What Workers Want Report is centred around the factors that influence an employees’ decision about whether to stay in a job or accept a new role

Managing supply chain risk: commodity price volatility

When the price of raw materials in your supply chain suddenly changes, the impact on your bottom line can be significant. Ineffective price risk management can seriously affect your costs, profitability and company performance. How can procurement and supply chain professionals best manage this risk?

Make business payments pay

In business, simple questions rarely have simple answers. That is why so many organisations are still struggling to quantify a figure that enables managers to benchmark their company’s P2P process.

The procurement leader of tomorrow

What does the future hold for chief procurement officers? And how can you develop a skillset and leadership style that will allow you, and your organization, to thrive? This whitepaper features the views of influential CPOs and experts. It will show you:

  • How the North American procurement market is evolving
  • The skills required for future procurement leadership success
  • How technology is changing procurement

The Strategic CPO

POs can liberate themselves from their desks, spreadsheets and laptops by fashioning a role that is creative, dynamic, strategic and outward-looking. 

Technology can help them achieve this, by taking many tasks off their hands and providing them with so much more accurate data in real-time.

Read this whitepaper, published in partnership with GEP, to find out how.