Expert Reports

Why autonomous procurement is your exit strategy

What will the chief procurement officer be doing in 2030? Although many organisations are facing unprecedented short-term challenges, they need to begin planning for the “primacy of procurement” now.

This Expert Report, created in collaboration with JAGGAER, takes a closer look at the key factors many Chief Procurement Officers are having to consider.

Can profit, value and diversity align when Instructing external lawyers?

Nearly two-thirds of companies don’t believe they get value for money from their law firms, according to a new survey of more than 400 small, medium-sized and large organisations.

This Expert Report, created in collaboration with Tap the Market™, takes a closer look at the key factors to consider when appointing external legal services.

Reduce business risk with collaborative procurement

Regardless of the challenge faced by your business, experts agree that joint working, together with a more coherent and strategic approach to risk and compliance management, will benefit any business. This whitepaper, produced in partnership with Avetta, highlights the problems in the way many businesses go about evaluating potential suppliers, the procurement challenges and how strength in teamwork should be the ultimate goal. 

Empower procurement through intelligent process mining

Are you keen to transform your processes for stronger business performance? This whitepaper, produced in partnership with Celonis, aims to explain how you can make process improvements, and showcases the success of two international telecoms giants, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom, who are already reaping the benefits.

Performance procurement: How do you create more value?

WNS partnered with CIPS to poll 300 European and global firms across a broad range of company sizes and industries to gain insights into the mindset of the best performing procurement organisations.  

The plan was to examine the relationship between value and alignment and to use that to develop a new, more dynamic best-in-class benchmark for the industry. Read this expert report to discover the results.

Managing procurement risk in highly regulated sectors

Read this CIPS Download report, produced in partnership with Determine as we discuss why in a volatile, technologically-driven marketplace, making sure you are playing by the rules is critical if companies are to avoid hefty fines, reputational damage and the erosion of trust